5 Important Coping Mechanisms For A Stable Mind

Emotional Shift, Physical Abuse, Post War Effects, Exposed to Negative Social Media, Disease Survivors, Low Self Esteem can have toxic effects on our delicate mind.

As per WHO Report, January 2020, more than 264 MM people suffer from depression, people of all ages, all races, all nations. Some can be a cause of most traumatic emotional experience, some could be due to physical or mental abuse. The effects could be either visibly obvious or could be unnoticeable. The oscillation in the mood swings, or emotional responses to our daily challenges can trigger the severely intensified deepness of constant worry, taking roots into the depths of the heart. The awareness of one’s state of mind, or body is the primary thing to look after, a denial mode might lead to some acute cases.

Second leading cause of the death between 15 to 29 age group, is Suicide. The seriousness and awareness of the disorder is now actively been acknowledged and spread, however we still see the lack of acceptance, where the current state of minds are neglected. Post War Mental Health is as real as a war in the minds of the people around the world, the physical war damage is easily identified, as compared to psychological trauma. There have been Liberation Wars, Civil and World Wars, Local and Religion Wars, but the question still remains, the post war liberation of the brain. As per Research Paper on Mental Health Consequences Of War, Afghanistan has witnessed more than two decades of conflict, multiple studies conducted on the state of the people’s mental wellbeing, it was observed, from the surveyed people, 68% had depression, 72% showed symptoms of anxiety, and 42% suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). There are very few coping mechanisms in such nations, restricted to personal way outs, and mainly revolving around religious and spiritual practices. In all the major studies, it is proven, Women affected are relatively higher in rates.

War at the outside or inside, has equally numbing effect on the brain. The studies have found out, the vision for a future and faith has played a significant role in coming out of the desperate times. Holocaust Survivor Stories and the Books on Auschwitz are some of the unbelievable testimonials of hope and survival through the darkest times.

I’m often asked how I have coped. I never went to a psychologist and I never will. Quite simply, I kept it at a distance. I saw and understood, and yet I didn’t. I’ve never cried over the columns of children and mothers I saw. When I was in Auschwitz I thought: ‘This is not actually on earth.’ It was a system of masters and slaves, gods and subhumans and I thought to myself: ‘No one knows about it. It’s the forest, surrounded by multiple layers of fence, it’s not actually real.’ I never let it penetrate that my parents were killed and I even thought: ‘After this we’re going home and everyone will be there again.’ Those who never managed to keep it distant killed themselves. — Auschwitz Survivor

Therefore, these most important coping strategies can bring us the much needed hope in today’s uncertain times -

  1. Have Faith

The most important of all the survival and growth is the inundated faith in something more powerful than your current circumstances. This helps you to stabilize your mind for time being, and focus on the better tomorrow. Hope generates the free flow of energy in you, driving more doors of possibilities to open up

2. Find Your Purpose

A Purpose driven life, is a hopeful life, a purpose to start a family, have that promotion, buy that car, set up a business etc. drives through the tough times. One knows where he/she is going, the path gets carved, the destination might be far, but every step with the hope and actions counts. Once, your purpose is fulfilled, find another vision. Let the circle of victory continue

3. Express Gratitude

It is simple yet extremely hard, since if our mind is not in a position to feel the little things of life, expressing gratitude may not come easy. One should start from listing down on a paper or meditating or reiterating, expressing it boldly. Today’s necessity can turn into tomorrow’s luxury, hence, thanking for all the big-little joys helps to create an Aura to receive further blessings

4. Seek Help

Refrain from being coy about seeking help, the more openly you seek assistance, the quicker are the chances to get out of the mess. A help can be in a form of talking to friends, family, mentors, or can be in the form of adopting a pet or generating a new hobby to express or journaling. Seeking help makes you stronger, instead.

5. Do that one thing you always wished (everyday)

To feel content about oneself, to not feel guilty, to keep a sanity check, to proceed with your goals, to overcome a failure or horrendous incident, introduce a newness in your life. Break that monotony, which sucks you back in the trauma. Newer challenges helps you develop self-esteem, which is a key to overcome inside and outside War of Life.

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